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Date: 02-Jan-96 18:28:15
From: C Clark <71643.65 at>
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Subject: Dr. Seuss version of B5.
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This Message, by Kevin Freels, was posted to the RASTB5 newsgroup
a few days ago and I repost it here with permission.
 ------ If Dr. Suess had written for Babylon 5.... -----

(...Intro music starts up when we see the network of P-TEN...)

We live here on Bab'lon 5 to keep our last great hope alive. So
far, it seems, since Season One, The war of Shadows has begun. So
victory now is what we need if Bab'lon Five is to succeed!

This Minbari, she's Delenn. She speaks in riddles now & then. She
has a bone upon her head. She'd rather have some hair instead.

Delenn: "Hi there! Ho there! My old friend! It's nice to see you
once again. Come, let's talk of Councils Gray, And Crystal candles
as we pray. I live here on Bab'lon Five To keep our last great hope

This is Delenn's friend, Lennier. You may ask, "Why is he here? He
looks familiar! I know his face! He used to be on 'Lost in
Space'!". Just like her, he's real verbose, And smells like
fish-heads when you're up close.

Londo: "I am Londo, tall and proud! (though some might say that I'm
too loud!) I'm Centauri, so you see. My hair defies all gravity. We
Centauri will someday rule. (Actually, we're just a tool. The
Shadows really run the game. Alas! Such is the price of fame!) 
I like women, game, and drink. I drink and drink 'till I can't
think! I live here on Bab'lon Five To keep my ego hopes alive.

This is my assistant, Vir."

Vir: "I would like--"

Londo:      "Get out of here!"

This green lizard is G'Kar. He has come from very far.

G'Kar: "I'm not a lizard! I'm a Narn! Time is crucial! I must warn! 
We're all in danger! Londo's nuts! His henchmen shadows kicked our
butts! They've driven us down to our knees! Send lawyers, guns and
money, please! Ion cannons! Ruby lasers! Even dusty Star Trek

This is Kosh. He gives me creeps! He barely speaks, just whirrrs &

Kosh: *clakkity* *clakkity*!! *whirrr* *buzz* Beep! "You've always
been here!" *ka-chunk* *gleep*!

He always says that in fog-like scenes. I still don't know just
what it means! He wears that suit to hide from us. Does he wear it
on the bus?

Garibaldi: "They're all guilty! Every one! I'll bust 'em up to have
some fun! I'll bring in those bad beserkers, All those liars,
thieves and lurkers."

He's my Chief Security. Testosterone flows in him free. He's pretty
edgy. I know why. Since Mars was home, well, he's been dry. He's
really hyper, so I think. But imagine if he had a drink!

This is Susan--

             "As you were! I'm Ivanova! And call me 'Sir'! I'm
delicate, on one small side, But touch me and I'll tan your hide! 
And though to you I might appeal, I once faked sex to clinch a
deal. So stand your post and keep your ground, Or, I promise, you
I'll pound."

Meet the Doctor. He stays up late, And works for forty hours

Dr. Franklin: "I heal aliens, those are my jobs. Humans and
Martians, Reptiles and Blobs! Wozzles and Snangles and Bug-eyed
Kertunkers! Yellow-faced insects with Red-winged Dondunkers! 
Centauri! Membari! Vorlons and Narn! I'd even help creatures made
out of yarn! So I will stay living on Bab'lon Five To keep all
these strange little creatures alive!"

Talia's a telepath. She once followed in our path. But a time-bomb
in her mind Has made her evil and unkind. It's doubtful she can be
our friend. Our trust in her is at an end.

The Psi-corp has a man named Bester. He could be labled "Mind
Molester". He's evil, mean, and nasty, too! He can read the
thoughts of you. We must give him credit, tho. He drove a starship
years ago.

Bester: "I've known your kind and what to do. So I'll be back. Be
seeing you."

This man Morden, standing here. He is one that you should fear. He
has shadows for his brothers. He doesn't play so well with others.


So that's my story. It's lonely here. We're so far out, there is
no beer.

I'm stuck out here on Bab'lon Five To keep our last great hope
alive. I'm stuck out here, it's just not fair! It's all the fault
of that Sinclair! He bailed out, I took the fall, And now he won't
return my call!


It could be worse, it's just five years. Or I could have Ferengi
ears. And when all is said and done, I'm not Harlan Ellison! -- 

/_/_/ _/  Kevin Freels, Systems Administrator      "We keep you
alive to  _/ _/  Vestek Systems        1-800-VESTEK4         serve
this ship.    _/ _/  kevin at   fax 415-392-6831       
Row well and live."  _/ _/  All opinions blah blah blah....       


C. W. Clark


Date: 02-Jan-96 22:26:34
From: J. Michael Straczynski <71016.1644 at>
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Subject: Dr. Seuss version of B5.
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     Too, too, too weird....funny, though....



Date: 02-Jan-96 19:38:11
From: Lynn Dimock <74471.3131 at>
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I'm sorry, I know this is thread drift, but my team is getting
its butt whopped at the Fiesta Bowl and I am ready to scream. It's
not so much the score as the way three Florida guys have had to be
hauled off the field so far (how many football players do you hear
of with dislocated *hips* for crying out loud), and the general
attitude of the Nebraska players. And yes, if my guys were acting
like that I'd still be upset (though, to be honest, not as much).




Date: 03-Jan-96 00:49:15
From: J. Michael Straczynski <71016.1644 at>
To: Lynn Dimock <74471.3131 at>
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     You are not ready for victory.



Date: 03-Jan-96 06:38:36
From: Joe Salemi [ZD Net] <72631.23 at>
To: J. Michael Straczynski <71016.1644 at>
Subject: From jms: info
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> Yeah, Walter's doing a great job with it.  So far we're going to 
> see Bester twice this season at least, which I'm very happy
> about.

Great!  I know he's going to be in "Dust to Dust" -- can you tell
us the name of his other episode yet?

BTW, some additional schedule info for you. Just got next week's
TV Guide, and it looks like WDCA-20 in Washington DC is starting
to rerun B5 episodes on Sunday at 7pm this coming week.  I suspect
it may be a tryout for an eventual move in March, when UPN starts
up their new Wednesday night programs.

Happy New Year to you and yours!


Date: 03-Jan-96 14:22:46
From: J. Michael Straczynski <71016.1644 at>
To: Joe Salemi [ZD Net] <72631.23 at>
Subject: From jms: info
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     Walter is also in "Ship of Tears."



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