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Mon Jan 8 12:44:15 EST 1996

Subj:  Official Fanclub       Section: Babylon 5: General
  To:  Asha DeVelder    Saturday, January 06, 1996 12:20:21 AM
From:  J. Michael Straczynski       #426399

     We literally just signed the contracts; we now have to
get a space for the  fanclub operations, set up the www page
(which we hope will be up during the  next batch of episodes),
hire the people we've selected to run it, and then we can  put
the word out.  As with everything else, we always make sure
we're prepared  before going forward with anything.


Subj:  Minbari Military       Section: Babylon 5: General
  To:  Paul Owen        Saturday, January 06, 1996 12:20:18 AM
From:  J. Michael Straczynski       #426396

      <Quoting Paul Owen to JMS>:

      >As we are waiting for Season 3 here in the UK I was
      >just wondering why are the  Rangers here at all?? where
      >is the Minbari military in all of this , ? Is this
      >another  twist in an already superbly convoluted
      >plot???.  Is this going to become clearer in S3

     This is one of the things that's better gone into in the


Subj:  "Survivors" question...  Section: Babylon 5: General
  To:  Neville White    Saturday, January 06, 1996 12:20:19 AM
From:  J. Michael Straczynski       #426397

      <Quoting Neville White to JMS>:

      >I hope you don't mind me asking, but I was wondering
      >the other day whether  there was any come-back on the
      >woman from Garibaldi's past that we saw in  "Survivors"
      >back in series one... security for president Santiago,
      >yet he got  assassinated at the end of series one...

     No, we haven't established what happened to her, but we
will in time.


Subj:  "Survivors" question...Section: Babylon 5: General
  To:  Gerald Himmelein Saturday, January 06, 1996 6:13:18 PM
From:  J. Michael Straczynski       #426857

      <Quoting Gerald Himmelein to JMS>:

      >{Well, we'll be waiting for her reappearance (or will
      >she only appear in a  "throwaway line" like the
      >resolution of the situation on Ragesh 3 in Season 1?).}

     No, if we go into what happened, and where she is, it
kinda behooves us to  show her.


Subj:  Midnight in the ...    Section: Babylon 5: General
  To:  Sharon Foster    Saturday, January 06, 1996 12:20:20 AM
From:  J. Michael Straczynski       #426398

      <Quoting Sharon Foster to JMS>:

      >Forgive me if this has been asked a dozen times by now,
      >but a friend of mine  wants to know if Harlan's story
      >in next month's Fantasy & Science Fiction, called 
      >"Midnight in the Sunken Cathedral", is a Babylon 5
      >story and if so, is it canonical.   He says it was the
      >working title of an episode that never got made.

    No, it's not a B5 story; he liked the title, and used it
there instead.


Subj:  Grand Admiral          Section: Babylon 5: Upcoming
  To:  Charles Agius    Saturday, January 06, 1996 12:20:25 AM
From:  J. Michael Straczynski       #426400

     Knowing Bruce, *every* charity is his favorite charity. 
Any one you pick will  likely be fine.


Subj:  Famous "Who Are you?"  Section: Babylon 5: General
  To:  Phillip A. Cochran     January 06, 1996 6:13:13 PM
From:  J. Michael Straczynski       #426855

      {regarding the question "who are you?"}

     Yeah, that's one of the primal questions, isn't it?  And
one that we are too often  distracted from considering.


Subj:  <Ship of Tears> Stuff  Section: Babylon 5: Upcoming
  To:  John M. Kahane   Sunday, January 07, 1996 7:21:12 PM
From:  J. Michael Straczynski       #427668

      <Quoting John M. Kahane to JMS>:

      >is there  more that you can say about this episode and
      >the Bester role?

     Could, yeah, but I'd rather let that episode reveal
itself...there's not much I can  say about it that wouldn't
spoil it for people.


Subj:  Tonight's repeat episode  Section: Babylon 5: General
  To:  Rebecca Eschliman  Sunday, January 07, 1996 7:21:15 PM
From:  J. Michael Straczynski       #427669

      <Quoting Rebecca Eschliman to JMS>:

      >Whether Centauri, Narn, Minbari, Drazi, Vorlon, If  one
      >stops to think about the fact that these civilizations
      >have not developed  against a background of human
      >interactions it is a lot more difficult to assign a 
      >morality to their actions.  Therefore one has to
      >examine one's own ethical beliefs  is contrast to
      >whatever reactions we have to your other civilazations
      >and one  hopes, to think about why we believe what we

      I think it's not enough just to *have* non-Earth
civilizations.  First you have to  explore them, and set them
up as real, individual forces. Second, it becomes  easy to
say, "Well, I don't have to think about this particular issue,
it's just an alien  thing.  Isn't it interesting that they
should feel this way?"  It's more effective in  some way to
make the *really* challenging issues ones that directly
involve doesn't leave us as much wriggle room to
avoid considering the  issue.


Subj:  KIDIST REMARK IN "TKO" Section: Babylon 5: General
  To:  The Jawa / Jawa #2  Sunday, January 07, 1996 7:32:24 PM
From:  J. Michael Straczynski       #427671

      <Quoting The Jawa/Jawa #2 to JMS>:

      >This is a catastrophe of immense proportions!!
      >The scene: father's memorial.
      >The remark: "...pouting in that way that only 13
      >     can..."
      >I don't know what to do.
      >Ivanova seemed so *decent!*
      >Joe, Joe, how could you let that slip PAST??
      >What should we do?

     Point One: the script was written by Larry DiTillio, not

     Point Two: the comment is essentially correct; ain't
nobody can pout like a 13  year old.


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