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Spoiler Space for those who have not seen A Late Delivery From Avalon yet.



I hope that that's enough.

I was wondering if Marcus's discussion at the end of the episode comparing
the B5 regulars to the characters in the King Arthur legends was in any way
intended as a poke at those fans on-line who compare B5 to other stories (such
as "B5 is just Lord of the Rings with..."). I think it works nicely as an
ominous hint about the future, but I know I was mostly laughing thinking of how
many times I've seen the same type of discussion on the nets.



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The references given (he said vaguely, to avoid spoiling anybody) were
first and foremost intentional to the story and to set up stuff...but as I
wrote it, the way this stuff has been discussed online did come to mind,
and on some level it was probably a slight *plink*, yes.

Sort of a "yeah, well, TWO can play at that game, and most of you missed
THIS particular analogy, so THERE."

I am in serious need of a vacation, I think....


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