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I had to leave Lurk Mode long enough to thank you for your attention to
detail with every aspect of B5. When recently asked how you came up with
the "len" prefix/suffix in so many Minbari names you said:

"Basically, I went through and came up with common suffixes and prefixes
for Minbari names, the way Russian names have combinations of certain
letters (-ovna, -ova, -vich), and associated various backgrounds and
castes and houses (fanes) to them.  So you have Delenn, Rathenn, and
others of similar name."

It is these types of details that help make B5 and its inhabitants so rich
-- and real. You don't just grab the quick answer when you encounter what,
to some writers, might seem like trivial points. You take the time to
create the history, analyze the patterns, check the consistencies -- for
even the smallest points. As a (fledgling) fiction writer, I've already
learned from experience how long this type of research, planning, and just
"thinking-through" can take. But you have shown through the
Excellence-That-Is-B5 how worthwhile and rewarding it can be.

Thank you for your willingness to take this time. You have created the
richest world I've ever experienced on television -- and even in most


Janet Christian

"To date, your phone tips have led to the capture of 400 dangerous
fugitives -- not one alien, not one sewer monster, not even a vampire...Get
with it, people!" -- Gillian Anderson ("The X-Files") on a promo for
"America's Most Wanted."


From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
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Janet: thanks.  It's just always seemed to me that if you're going to
create a fictional universe, you should do your homework.  Now, having
said that, there are plenty of areas where I haven't fleshed out some
stuff as much as I'd like (and no, I'm not telling you where they are;
it's nothing you'd notice, really).  But I could do that every day, 24
hours a day, and still not finish everything...a universe is a BIG place. 
Still, the more I can do, the realer the show becomes.


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