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Subject: JMS: writings for season 4 and 5?
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I remembered seeing reference from you that as the story progresses, more
and more episodes will be related to the arc up till season 5 where every
episodes is an arc episode.

Given that you wrote all of season 3 and not every one is an arc episode,
how would you deal with the coming seasons (I truly wish that there will
be a couple new seasons).  The specific questions are:

1) Do you plan to write for the entire season, again? :-)
2) Do you give other writers a chance to write an arc episode?
3) How much details/hints do you give to other writers in B5?

- Kee
kee at


From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
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Yes, I'd be willing to let outsiders to arc stories, though I'd have to be
a lot more vigilent.  (Actually, some arc elements have appeared here and
there in freelance scripts, when I've noted the necessity of their
inclusion.)  They generally are told only what they need to know.

The only thing that could compel me to write all the episodes next season
would be if we were told, up front and in advance, that the show was going
to run four years instead of five, and I had to pull it all together to
finish the story.  (Which can be done, though obviously it ain't my
preferred method.)  It'd also have to be much more of a serial in
structure.  Absent that, no, I don't plan on doing this again.


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