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10.A.  Sheridan confronts Kosh (addendum).
Here's just a couple of comments which didn't fit at the end of part two:
     While this scene was progressing the first time, I was wondering why
Sheridan et al didn't try to talk one of their new Old One buddies (like the
Zogs) into mounting an expedition against the Shadows in Brakiri space.  Then,
I remembered that the Zogs said something to Ivanova, like 'come here and call
us when the time's right'.  So, first, it doesn't sound like they'd be
inclined to get off their butts and go off to Brakiri, and second it sounds
like they too foresee a time that's 'right'.  I hope their idea of the right
time coincides with the Army of Light's when the time comes.
     Next, it's interesting but not surprising that the energy weapon Kosh
uses against Sheridan resembles the discharge from Sebastian's cane (which in
turn resembles the weapon used by the Vorlon cruisers in the battle with the
Shadows).  I wonder if it's possible to mount this kind of weapon on an
Earther or Minbari vessel, or on the station.  Oh, speaking of Sebastian and
his cane, is the key to Kosh's sudden compliance Sheridan's willingness to
die?  Did his willingness to sacrifice himself spur Kosh to do so?
     It's instructive to compare this scene with the similar scene between
Kosh and Sheridan in H/P.  There's no time to do the comparison here, but I
recommend viewing first one scene and then the other.

11.  C&C:  Sheridan & Ivanova awaiting news of the next attack in Brakiri
This was a tricky situation!  Inspite of the fact that Sheridan had attained
Kosh's promise to help them, there was no guarantee that the timing of their
demonstration of 'equal power' would work out as hoped.  Evidently, Sheridan
had entertained the hope that the Vorlons would already be engaging the
Shadows when the Non-Aligned World delegations walked through the door.
Speaking of which, given the time of two o'clock which Ivanova cites just a
little later, I wonder how hard it was to get everyone to come.  The first
time I viewed this, I was wondering where Kosh was, assuming he would want to
be there. Well, alas, I was wrong.  <sniff>

12.  The Vorlon fleet attacks the Shadows.
Cool battle!  I was particularly impressed by the Vorlon cruiser's use of its
gravity/magnetic beam to hold the Shadow ship in place, until it could be
rammed.  This brings up an interesting point, BTW.  Is this the method of
destruction of choice, when it comes to Shadow Cruisers?  What I mean is,
G'Kar's companion rammed a Shadow fighter successfully, and now we see a
Vorlon ship destroying a cruiser in the same manner.  Is there some kind of
vulnerability of Shadow ships to being rammed or to this kind of a Vorlon
beam, while their armor is a match for standard bombardment?  Any thoughts
from you folks who'd know? What happened near the end of the battle?  Was that
one Shadow cruiser spinning out of control?  Did it simultaneously lose
control over the launching of its fighters?  What exactly was going on there,
and did telepathy and telepathic pilots have any role in the action?  Oh and,
not to be appear bloodthirsty, but since the ship appeared extremely
vulnerable at that moment, why not ram it too?
My only problems with the battle?  First it was too short.  Second, as I said
in the first part of this analysis, I really hate the way Brakiri space is
depicted. (Looks like it's right out of a comic book.)

13.  Londo and Vir await the arrival of Adira.
This is another poignant scene which would stand out better in our minds, were
it not for all the other terrific scenes in this episode.  How sad that Londo
is hardly even able to identify the emotion he feels as happiness, at first.
('I feel ...happy.  I'd almost forgotten what it's like.')   Jurasik's acting
is great as always.  I like the way he touches Adira's covered head, and the
way he cringes from Vir's comforting hand like a small child.
     Notice that he immediately thinks of the exchange with Lord Refa, and
that he and Vir actually talk to the man who probably committed the murder.
Notice also that it's Dr. Hobbs who's in attendance rather than Dr. Franklin.
It seems evident that once Franklin stopped lying to himself about the stims,
he immediately stopped taking shifts.  The man has serious integrity!

14.  The Vorlon fleet takes off through a jump-point.
     It looked to me like the Vorlons lost no ships.  Anyone?  Did anyone else
think that the red-shift of the Vorlon jump-point was a slightly different
color than normal, ...or was that just the green in the background making the
jump-point in the foreground look redder than usual?
     So what do you think -you- would think and do, if you were in command of
the Shadows or of their fleet for this region?  Stop attacking?  Attack more
swiftly and circumspectly.  Hit them back hard, in revenge?  Yes, the murder
of Kosh is certainly a response.  But what do you do -strategically-?

15.  Morden paying off the murderer & getting news from his informant.
Want to bet this is another person getting paid off by Morden, who never gets
to spend his ill-gotten booty?  It might behoove us to memorize the face of
Morden's informant when it comes to news of the Vorlon victory.  That's a
person whom I suspect is in Morden's long-term pay, and whom we may see again
collecting information.

16.  Voice-over to Sheridan preparing for bed.
'Good news can wait.  Bad news will refuse to leave.'  Alas, Ivanova, your
grandfather had it wrong...  It worries me that, inspite of Kosh's words,
Sheridan will berate himself for putting Kosh in the spot he did and then for
not going to thank him at the earliest convenience.  There -is- one thing
which may keep him from being too consumed with guilt:  as a military man, he
knows it's necessary to put some people in danger in order to protect others
and to gain the military objective.

17.  Kosh awaits the arrival of Morden and his goons.
Many people have already said this, but I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the
resemblance of this scene to that of the monk waiting for his executioners in
PtG.  For reasons which we may or may not ever learn, Kosh knew that he had to
stay and face Morden and the Shadows, as soon as the victory became known.
     Some have said perhaps he broke a 'gentleman's agreement' between the
Vorlons and the Shadows.  Perhaps.  Or perhaps he knew that the Shadows would
certainly strike back in revenge, and that he was the obvious target of
choice.  We have no reason to think the Shadows are stupid.  They're not about
to let the Vorlon victory and the destruction of their ships go unanswered, in
some very public way, no matter how they choose to answer this threat
strategically.  We can be sure they're aware of how the battle impacts on the
chances of a coalition of light forming:  Morden would instantly pass on what
he'd just found out of the mood on the station, if nothing else.  So it would
behoove them to act swiftly to break up the new coalition ...and what better
way than to kill the ambassador of the people who lent the new alliance
assistance?  It might not have occurred to them that the murder would be kept
quiet until a replacement could arrive from the Vorlon homeworld.  I guess the
only thing which surprises me is that they didn't take Sheridan down, too.  So
why did Kosh not run, knowing the Shadows would be gunning for him?  Because
he knew perfectly well that they would retaliate against -someone-.  And if he
couldn't be found or stimied their attempt, he knew that Sheridan would be
their back-up target.  He had to stay put, to protect the alliance and to
protect Sheridan.
     Two points before I leave this:  notice that Morden has to physically let
the Shadows into Kosh's quarters.  I just know this is going to be
significant:  sure wish I knew why.  And secondly, it's a good thing Lyta
wasn't visiting Kosh or Sheridan didn't go to thank him at that moment.  They
would most certainly be dead right now.  BTW, I wonder what Lyta will do?  Go
to work for the new ambassador?  Or, considering that one very strange scene
that time, has she been physically or psychologically affected by the death,
wherever she is right now?

18.  The death of Kosh.  His words to Sheridan.
<sigh>  So I've really got to do this scene, huh?  I don't wanna. <sniff>
I cannot -believe- that jms was so cruel and sadistic as to couch Kosh's last
words to Sheridan in the context of his father, a character I'm beginning to
suspect he just introduced a few weeks ago for this very purpose!   You should
-hide- -your- -head-, Joe, doing this to us.  No wonder no one wanted to sit
with you at lunch for a couple of days! You got off light.
     The thing which just killed me about this scene was how, inspite of
fighting for his life against three (four?) Shadows, Kosh took it upon himself
to simultaneously send a message of apology and love and assurance to
Sheridan. That is the fact, out of all of it, which just makes my eyes brim
over with tears every time I think about it.  No matter what we find out about
the Vorlons as a whole, their motives, any mistakes they've made in the past
...This was nobly done.  I will say I'm very glad we saw practically nothing
of the battle itself.  It would have broken my heart to have seen more than
the vague reflection in Morden's face mask.
     Well, speaking of Morden...  Was he there because it was required of him
to be there, while the Shadows were committing the murder?  He didn't seem to
particularly enjoy it or be repulsed by it.  There was, perhaps, a glimmer of
fascination in his eyes.  Perhaps, I'm imagining even that.  It seemed
fitting, that he was constrained to close his eyes, as the suit cracked open
and (we must assume) the murder done.  Vir's pike is too good for the creep.

Sheridan dreams that his father is calling him...
'John.  Johnny.'
'I don't have much time, son.  <fighting>  I want you to know you were right.
I ... didn't want to admit that.  Just pride, I guess.  You get... At my age,
you get kind of set in your ways.  But it had to be done.  Don't blame
yourself for what happened later.  <fighting>
'Dad, are you...  You all right?'
'It's too late for me.  I'm sorry for what I did before.  I knew what was
ahead.  I guess ...I guess I was afraid.  When you've lived as long as I have,
you ...kind of get used to it.  ..Uh.  I wish I could have done more for you.
There's so much I should have said, and now it's too late.  Uh.  You're right.
It's time you begin fighting this war your way.'  <fighting>  Got to go now,
'No, no.  Don't leave.'
'It's all right, son.  See.  As long as you're here, I'll always be here.'

Sheridan <waking up>:  'Kosh!  Kosh.'

'As long as you're here, I'll always be here.'  ...'I am always here.'

And what are we to make of the 'non-localized phenomenon' outside the
station, at the moment of Kosh's death?  In Minbari terms, what plans does
the Universe have for that particular soul?
    Other, scattered thoughts:  'Some must be sacrificed, if all are to be
saved.'   '...Wouldn't it be much worse if life -were- fair and all the
terrible things that happen to us come because we actually deserve them?'
'Stay close to the Vorlon, and watch out for Shadows.  They move when you're
not looking at them.'  (any Vorlon?  or just one?  The latter part, we know
all too well is true.)    And, did Delenn get a message similar to Sheridan's?
If not, why not? We have reason to think he had been her mentor longer than
he'd been Sheridan's.  Did anyone see a series of non-localized energy spikes
in C&C?  Is that, ultimately, how the murder was discovered?  Or did Sheridan
or Delenn raise the alarm?

19.  Garibaldi reports to Sheridan, Delenn and Ivanova.
   Would it occur to them to look for Morden on the station?  After all, he's
seems to have gotten aboard under a false name.  I wonder how he'll get off.
Same way?  Everyone's going to think me weird, but it seemed ...unseemly to
have the headpiece of Kosh's encounter suit just lieing there on the table.
Like having the head of the deceased on the policeman's desk.

20.  Londo meets with Morden.
Was ever a scene more fraught with double meaning!  My first time through
this, I was practically screaming at the TV set to Londo, that Morden was
playing him for a fool.  And, ya know?  Now, on repeated rewatchings, I'm not
so sure. ;)  Yes, Londo is furious, and his fury seems to be directed at Refa
et al.  But watch the timing of the words and his glances as he speaks to
Morden.  I truly believe he's setting him up, rather than vice versa.

Londo:  'It was poison, as I suspected.  And I believe you know something
about this.'
Morden:  'Last thing I heard from Lord Refa was that he was very upset with
you.  Understandable.  You -did- try to poison him, after all.  He mentioned
something about evening the score.  I wasn't able to find out what he was
planning, because he stopped talking to me right after that.  At your urging.
If I'd stayed in contact with him, sooner or later I'd have found out what he
was up to, and ...I could have stopped it.  For sentimental reasons, it's just
..inefficient.  I'm terribly sorry, Londo.  Is that why you called me here?'
     Oh, give me a break!  I don't care how upset Londo is, he's smart enough
to see that Morden's extrapolating from partial facts, to protect himself.  I
ask you, -would- Refa mention a poison 'attempt', have a casual chat with
Morden about evening the score and then go and blatantly murder the woman
Londo loves, -if- he were going to duly comply with the part about not
speaking to Morden to insure Londo didn't finish the job?  And what's all that
'sentimental' / 'inefficient' gobbledy-gook suppose to mean?

Londo:  '...Everyone around me dies, Mr. Morden, except the ones that most
deserve it.  That is about to change.  You said that you would go away for as
long as -I- wanted.  I no longer want that.  All I want now is revenge.  They
took from me the one thing that I have ever truly loved.  And you will help
me, Mr. Morden, to strike them down.  Give me this, and the safety of my
people. And let the rest of the galaxy burn.  I don't care anymore.  Will you
help me, Mr. Morden?'
Morden:  'Of course, ambassador.  As ever, I am always in your service.'
     'Everyone around me dies, Mr. Morden, except the ones that most deserve
it.'  Who are 'the ones' if not Morden's associates?  Lord Refa is one person.
Yes, he would have hired someone to do the actual poisoning of Adira.  But if
Londo truly believed that Adira's death was Refa's doing, it's unlikely he
would keep saying 'they'. Nor would he immediately enlist the help of Morden,
when he already has his own accomplices conveniently in place back at the
royal court, the same ones he was already relying on to complete Refa's
poisoning, the ones he uses every day to gather information.  Even had the
arrest or execution of his people been discussed here (and it is not), would
Londo turn to this man as the instrument of his revenge, knowing his loyalties
have long since been compromised by Refa?  You can't get revenge if the
subject's not in range.  So he rehires Morden to keep him in range.
  Time will tell if I'm right.  In the meantime, watch the scene, study
Londo's expressions, the double entendre of his words ..& enjoy the superbly
ambiguous writing.

I'm out of time and space yet again, so quickly, quickly...
21.  Franklin takes his leave of Sheridan.
Franklin:  'When I look in the mirror, I don't see me.  I see the job.  I was
the job.  Nothing else mattered.  I haven't been on a date.  I haven't ...I
haven't seen a vid.  I ...I haven't just sat and... and just listened to music
in I don't know how long...'
     This sounds eerily like a recent post of jms's.  Joe, sweetie, whether
this was inadvertantly autobiographical or not, listen to the lesson you've
written for yourself ...and take a little time for yourself in this all too
brief gap between seasons.  As much as we've all been vocally pulling for
Harlan's continued and increased health, we want yours as well.

22.  Ivanova in C&C.  Kosh's funeral/the suicide of Kosh's ship.
I suspect that Ivanova was mourning for the ship at least as much as she was
for Kosh.  She spent so much time down in that bay, listening to it sing to
her.  We all anxiously await the arrival of the new ambassador. ... Though I
suspect it's really like The Doctor:  you'll always love best the one you
first knew when you were growing up, no matter how interesting successive
personalities might be.  (And, yes, I too was reminded of the dragons of Pern,
and caught the reference to each ship being made for its owner - the reverse
seemingly of Shadow tech.)

Ivanova:  ' memory of Kosh.'

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p.s. WWE-I teaser.  Interesting points: Sinclair with gray hair (but no scar
on his cheek?), Ivanova in a badly damaged ops, hurt and crying out we're
under attack, a brief overhead view of what could only be that awesome pathway
inside the Krell machine on the planet and finally Sheridan possibly
surrounded by tachyons as in BabSq? or the spirit of Kosh? or something else
that happens to resemble them both?  Next week is a long way away!  (I've got
until Saturday.  :(   )


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Just a quickie aside...the background/depiction of Brakiri space was taken
right from a Hubble deep-space shot.  We use them a lot, as provided to us
by the folks who keep track of it all and keep it running.  


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