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Dear Joe:
     I saw a tape of The Hour of the Wolf less than 24 hours ago, and I'm only
now reaching the point where I can string lucid sentences together.

     At the end of Z'Ha'Dum, I felt like we were pinioned to a torture rack
and being pierced by knives.  Relief, in the form of answers to some desperate
questions, would come with Wolf.  Little did I suspect that, instead, you
would begin twisting those knives.  'Uncle!!!' a'ready!

     -Everything- was great:  writing, acting, directing, CGI.  Love the new
opening credits and the narration.  Love the interface of events with the end
of Z'Ha'Dum.  Love the few few and far-between resolutions of some situations,
and the heightened torment of the non-resolution resolution of others.
Without being spoilerish, especially the words of the visitor at the fire, and
the 'infamous desk scene'.  But it was all intense, dark and utterly

     I should have followed your written advice and had one very large glass
of vodka and three small ones before I went to bed.  Alas, instead, I kept
waking up all night long with various images of the episode playing and
replaying in my mind.  I think I see where you're going, and I don't much like
it ..and I -love- it!

     Thank you, once again, for bringing this into our lives!!!  However did
we enjoy ourselves and endure television and find catalysts for discussing
important social, psychological, metaphysical and political issues before you
came along?  We owe you more than we realize, and more than you realize.  You
are, indeed, very important to us and I, for one, wish you all the best.


p.s.  Are you familiar with the chilling SF story, 'It's a Very Nice Day' ?
Faced with absolute power in the hands of evil madness, I'd be looking for a
knife.  And I'm a pacifist.  And that itself is the but the latest 'topic of
discussion' you've brought forward, for us to resolve amoungst ourselves.


From: jmsatb5 at
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I seem to vaguely remember the title "It's a Very Nice Day," but will have
to work to connect it to a story.

And's a good start to the season.


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