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Spoiler space:

More spoiler space...

Here goes...

In the teaser of WHTMG, Franklin states that "it's 14 days since Sheridan was 
presumed killed on Z'Ha'dum and 9 days since Garibaldi vanished while on 
patrol"  Yet, in "Z'HaDum", the two events appear to be happening nearly 
simultaneously.  Was this a slip, or is there an explanation I'm missing?

A possible explanation is that, while the events were shown as being nearly 
simultaneous, it took five days for the news of the "incident" at Z'Ha'dum to 
make it to the Shadow fleet, who only then retreated.  Was this, in fact, the 

Excellent episode otherwise...Sheridan's "Underworld journey" is seriously 
mythic...I'm waiting to see what sorts of gifts and/or treasures he brings 
back from the Abyss...


Loren Davidson      
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No, this is a case where jms screwed up.

Originally, the script read, "It's now 14 days since Captain Sheridan left
for Z'ha'dum and was presumed killed.  Nine days since Mr. Garibaldi
disappeared while on patrol."

I went to edit the first sentence to make it active rather than passive
syntax.  In handwriting on the page (after the first draft, the typists
take revisions and implement them), I meant to write, "It is now 9 days
since Captain Sheridan was presumed killed at Z'ha'dum."  I either missed
changing the days, or the typist didn't put it in (it happens), and that
draft of the script is long gone.  But without knowing which, I'll just
take the rap for it.


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