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I know it may be difficult to think about possible futures, but given
that B5 goes 5 years and that all the other possible nice things occur
(TV movies, spin off, etc.), I am curious about one thing.  In the past
you have indicated that after B5 you plan on going to other
non-television projects.  Given the possible established characters to
play with, (rangers, brothers of Zathras, technomages, etc.), and your
considerable urge to write; how could you resist writing for a spin off?
And what could be a better selling point that such a cost effective
Submitted respectfully,


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Actually, I've said pretty much from the very beginning of the first
season, that there was a side-story that could go off, which I'd be
interested in telling.  And that may be a possibility.

And it's not Crusaders (which always makes me think of Crusader Rabbit);
it's The Babylon Project: Crusade.  (That's the working title, anyway.)


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