Falling Toward Apotheosis (* Spoilers *)

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Subject: Falling Toward Apotheosis (* Spoilers *)
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(* Spoilers for Falling Toward Apotheosis *)

[spoilers follow]

I just viewed Falling Towards Apotheosis (sp?) and I've got a question about

It has been a long time since I saw The Gathering, but as I recall a Minbari
warrior, disguised as Commander Sinclair, met Kosh and poisoned him by
placing a pad on his "hand".  After seeing FTA, and what I assume to be the
true physical nature of the Vorlons, how could the events in The Gathering
have happened?  What was on that skin tab that did so much damage to Kosh?


From: jmsatb5 at aol.com
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Remember, they do have a certain physicality about them, even in that
form, and the nature of the poison was such that it would affect that kind
of life form using a crystalline base (note in the pilot the screen reads
analyzing crystallne structure, and you filter light or refract or distort
it using a crystalline structure).


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