Monday chat screwup

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Subject: Monday chat screwup
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Just a note to apologize to those who showed up at for the
chat Monday night.  DirectNet, the people who handle the server (and as of
this moment we are giving strong consideration to going elsewhere, after
this fiasco), figured (without asking us) that they'd get maybe about 100
or so people, based on other chats.  They allocated memory and other
resources accordingly.

So when about 2,000 people showed blew the system to hell and back
again.  Result: chaos, confusion, lock-outs, angry calls to DirectNet,
server errors...a mess.

(It's always the same conventions, online...they always
underestimate how many people are going to show up.  It's almost funny
enough to make me reconsider gouging out the eyes of several DirectNet
personnel and feeding them to hamsters.  Almost.)

I can only apologize, and say that as with all things we try for the first
time...this will *not* happen again.


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