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> JMS has said that he will frame 'In the Beginning' with Londo talking to a
> group of children as he is waiting to execute Sheridan and Delenn.  I think
> this will result in one hell of a depressing 90 minutes of television (minus
> ads), and even if it is aired here in Canada, I, for one, won't be watching.
> A big thumbs down to JMS here, IMO.

Oh, yes, I agree. I'll certainly be prejudging an entire movie that hasn't
even entered preproduction yet based on one comment about how it begins.

The stupidity of people has ceased to amaze me.

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Excuse me, but the Londo scene in question is the one that takes place
moments before Sheridan and Delenn are brought in, and then allowed to
escape.  (War Without End.)  He can't exactly see to their execution since
they outlive him in story continuity, now can he?


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