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Thu Apr 10 06:09:27 EDT 1997

From: Jim Sorenson <jms98 at>
Date: 7 Apr 1997 17:59:46 -0400
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	I live in NYC, so I have a hard time getting to most of the west
coast cons you do, so ICON was my first chance to see you speak live.  You
were fantastic!  It was great to hear your stories and to get to see a few
snipits of upcoming episodes, even though you ignored my question (about
the dangers of using earth credits w/ computerized banking).  Thanks for
coming out to the east coast, you really were terrific.


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Date: 10 Apr 1997 05:08:10 -0400
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Thanks...and your question was a good one, which is why I kinda moved away
from it....


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