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(1) The recent "Bruce on Claudia" message from JMS contained a slightly
incorrect URL.  The correct one is

The 'a' after the 0815 should be in lower-case.

It is a short article, but interesting.  In it, Bruce pretty much sides with
JMS, saying CC "was not fired".  He is disappointed with CC's decision, and
adds that some "pampered" actors could really use a "good ass-kicking".  He
names David Caruso in particular.

I think we need new episodes RSN, or else we'd all be spending the next few
months chewing the CC issue over and over... :-)

(2) Occasionally, and especially after sending administrivia notes, I get a
flurry of "thank you" notes from subscribers.  Only lack of time prevents me
from replying to each one of you in person.  Rest assured, each and every
one of these messages are welcome and most appreciated.  Thank you.

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