B5 Figures Question

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From: joelmathis at geocities.com (Joel Mathis)
Date: 6 Dec 1997 15:43:47 -0700
Lines: 16

I went into my local Toys R Us today and found the three B5
collector's figures.  I was only planning on getting G'Kar as he was
the only one that look good to me, but while I was standing in line I
noticed somethin curious.  My figure was number 1 of 12000.  The only
Sheridan and Delenn figures were 1 of 12000 as well.  Besides being
astonished, I dug deep into my pockets and spent the money for all
three figures.  What I want to know though, is whether or not they
really are numbers 1 of 12000, or if the company made several number
1's in an attempt to increase their collectivity.  Anyone have any

Joel Mathis
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From: jmsatb5 at aol.com (Jms at B5)
Date: 7 Dec 1997 00:14:50 -0700
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They didn't individually number the boxes, apparently.

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