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Subject: Attn JMS: Background graphics for ITF (new spoiler question)
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>Jms at B5 (jmsatb5 at writes:
>> We use the Hubble images (provided by them) a lot on the show, including
>> these current couple of episodes.  We digitize them, then enhance them
>> into 3D.

Spoilers for Into the Fire images:

The neat thing about those shots from the Hubble is that, in that region of
the Orion Nebula, we are seeing the earliest formations of stars.  The
region shown in the background during the battle at Corionis 6, is a
"finger" of gas stretching from the Orion Nebula, out of which brand new
stars are entering the galaxy.  

JMS, did you guys pick that image on purpose?  If you did, it was an
excellent thematic idea, what with the birth of the Third Age of the Galaxy
and all.  If not, well it's still a pretty picture.  :)



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Yeah, John Copeland and I picked the specific images used in that one.


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