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    Hi again Joe.  I've been wondering lately about the finale of the 
B5 story.  
    I won't mention any authors by name, but I've many times finished 
reading a book, only to find myself sitting there wondering..."Thats 
it?"  I also recall the same feelings after watching the final 
installment of the Star Wars Trilogy.
   I guess that anyone who invests alot of their time in reading a 
book, or watching a film series, is bound to have a let-down at times.
    Since you are the only one who knows how this story will end, I 
guess I should ask.  Are you at all concerned that, when it's all said 
and done, that some fans will scratch their heads and wonder:  "You 
mean thats it?"

    PS: I read Demon Night, and no...I didn't ask "Is that it?" when I 
was done. :)

Jeff Bauer, keeper of:
Jeff's Babylon 5 Update Page


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     Was all the discussions about the rights to the show, and
people asking about the rights to other shows and such, it occurs to me that
your rights have never been mentioned.
     When you have written a book, are the copyrights yours?  Can you prevent
someone from obtaining the rights to make your story into a movie without
your permission?
     How's all the legal stuff worked out.

You Faithful Fan
Mike Benjamin


From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
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Yes, when you write a novel, you own the copyright; nobody can touch it
without your permission.


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