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What's the policy on B5 novels?

Let's say for argument's sake that I've got a pitch for a novel.
(Which I have.)

I emailed Dell and they told me that it's got to get to them through a
literary agent (I can understand that), but I've been told by others
that _you_ have to approve ideas so that they fit into the story arc.
(I can understand that as well.)

Someone else told me that novel ideas are "taken from your notes."
(i.e. the notes of jms). I'm confused about what that means. Does that
mean you have a small stable of writers, with whom you work on novels
from scratch, giving them the outlines and then they flesh it out?

I understand that you were getting frustrated by the fact that people
were submitting novels with their own characters, and just using the
B5 universe as a loose sort of backdrop. Tempting, since it's such a
great universe, butI can see how that's not 100% appropriate.

Can you tell me - who do I run my idea past? An agent? (If so, is
there one who "specialises" in B5?) Someone at B5 other than you? Or

I'd like to write the story, but I'd like to at least get the
provisional go-ahead so that I'm not wasting my time without knowing
it, if you know what I mean. If it's a closed shop already, I'd like
to know now.

btw, shouldn't <*> be <<<*>>>?


in defence of pigs


From: JJZM42C at (Penny Rothkopf)
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>In article <19970216110701.GAA08000 at>,
>Jms at B5 <jmsatb5 at> wrote:
>>the third is also based on a premise, and
>>follows Sinclair after leaving B5 to form the Rangers...I worked very
>>closely with the writer here to ensure that virtually *every line* is

>  I'm looking forward to reading it. <waves hello to Kathryn>
>"BLONDE?   Blonde?   You didn't TELL me you were a blonde....."
>                                          --Gharlane of Eddore
I can't wait to read this one, either, but looks like it won't be 
released until June!!  Guess we'll **have** to be patient just a little 

  Penny Rothkopf  Momx5 at


From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
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"Is this book consistant with what happened to Sinclair in the first few
issues of the DC comic? Or is the DC comic now non-canon?"

It's *absolutely* consistent with the comic, the events of which are
mentioned at some length in the novel.  I'm telling ties in the
comics, the first year, the following year, the development of the
Rangers, what happened to Marcus and his brother, what happened to
Catherine Sakai, we learn a lot more about's going to be pretty


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