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Subject: Attn GEORGE: Interceptors
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Hello George, welcome to the newsgroup.

	I have a question about the Interceptors used by the Earth
Alliance.  In the opening scenes of "Severed Dreams" we see the Omega Class
Destroyer ALEXANDER being chased by the Roosevelt Class Cruiser CLARKSTOWN.
During the discussion between Mjr. Ryan and his XO, it is mentioned that the
Clarkeston's forward interceptors are down and they could punch through the
hull.  Ryan reluctantly orders the ALEXANDER's rear beam batteries to open
fire.  A single beam from one of Omega's rear beam cannon's destroys the
CLARKESTON in a single blow.
	I always assumed that interceptors could be used to stop incoming
fire from pluse cannons and plasma guns (as well as AA duty).  How can such
a system stop a beam weapon?  The question had been nagging me since I first
saw "Severed Dreams" a year ago. 

Mark A. Siefert
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From: George Johnsen <ndeiprod at>
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The interceptors have two components, one that throws a ball of energy
at an incoming weapons charge (physical or energy) and causes
dissipation, and the other is a net-like energy web that reduces the
severity, but does not deflect or absorb, beam type energy.  This allows
some time for maneuvers after beam contact.  

Note that Major Ryan (He'll always be D-Day to my brother!) was very
reticent to fire on the Clarkstown at all.  Knowing that the
Interceptors were down made his job all the more difficult.  The rear
facing beamn on the Alexander is similar in design to the front facers
on the Clarkstown.  When the C-town fired on the rotating section ofthe
Alexander, it did not explode, as the interceptors were still active.

George Johnsen
CoProducer, B5

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