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Subject: Attn JMS: audio problem during "The Illusion of Truth"
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From: "PC Skaggs" <pskaggs at>
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ATTN ALL: there is some minor spoo running lose below.
If you have not seen "The Illusion of Truth", read
at your own risk.

 As I was watching "The Illusion of Truth" last night,
I noticed a minor audio problem. The problem happens
when the two 'touch here to download' graphics are being
shown during the ISN newscast. Both times that this
graphic is shown a very loud crackling noise can be
heard. The sound is minor when your listening to the
TV speakers, but when you listen to the soundtrack
on a surround sound system, the noise almost makes you
jump thur the roof. The noise is only heard during this 
graphic, all the other graphics shown during the newscast 
do not produce this crackling noise.
 Was this something with the master tape, did my local 
station here in DFW hose this up, or was this caused
by the change back to the analog SAT uplink?
 By the way I'm sorry my last two messages have been about
problems with the show. I very much enjoy watching and
following this great show that you put out for us to
watch. Thanks for taking the time to look this over.
Paul <*> B5-213

p.s. 7 days and counting till we start bitching about
the reruns that are about to start. ;-)


From: weave at (Ken Weaverling)
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In article <19970220015100.UAA23358 at>,
Jms at B5 <jmsatb5 at> wrote:
>My guess is it was caused by the downlink, but I'll try to verify.

Must be something to do with the actual broadcast. I watched the episode
taped straight from the sat feed, and didn't notice the noise. But later,
when watching it over-the-air, heard the same thing everyone else has.

Ken Weaverling,  Delaware Tech     (WHOIS: KJW)  *   
   finger weave at for my PGP key.        *     weave at  ******************************
 "Someone let the dogs out, they'll show you where the truth is" (Soundgarden)


From: George Johnsen <ndeiprod at>
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Hey Folks-

The audio problem on TIoT was caused by the uplink at the uplink
facility that Warners is using this year.  This facility is not all
digital, like our facility was last year, and these analog-y problems
creep in from time to time.  The buzzing mentioned happened specifically
on the "hypertext" captions (tell the truth, how many people touched the
button pads?), and was caused by the audio channel being too close to
video with a high white level.  (Video pro alert- yes i know this is an
overly simplified explanation) 

WB is in the process of fixing the problem.

Any of the other mentioned problems, voices shooting off into the
surrounds, steering effects in stereo, dialog level fluctuations are a
local phenomenon.  

George Johnsen
CoProducer, B5

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