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OK, here is the complete message as it should have been, with JMS' reply.
Thanks to all of those who sent me the original message.  -Erez.

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> Subject: Re: ''ATTN   JMS''
> Date: 20 Jan 1997 04:09:15 -0500
> Hi Joe
> Just wanted to say how much I and my sister enjoy the show; she has
> watched it from the beginning, I began watching it towards the end of
> the second season. I love it, not least because it's the sort of story
> where questions keep cropping up and stick around in one's mind driving
> one nuts.
> For example, three questions have been bugging me for sometime and they
> just wont go away, so I thought I'd try my luck and ask you for
> clarification. Are we told by the end of the story (be that 4 years or
> 5):
> a. what happens to Delenn in the future? We know that John appears fated
> to die in 20 years (as you can tell I've been scanning the 'Lurker's
> Guide' since season 4 has not started in the UK yet), so what about her?
> b. what the prophesy is, where it came from and who wrote it?
> Presumably, some of the future has been foreseen by Sinclair/Valen but
> what about the rest?
> and c. are we given any clues as to what the 'next great story' is? (as
> described by Zathras in WWII), and does it involve John and Delenn's son
> David?
> I hope you are able to answer at least some of these questions during
> the rest of this season and (keeping fingers crossed) next.
> Thanks for your time.
> Marina

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> > I can only say that you'll get most of the answers to those questions
> > soon.
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> >  jms

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