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Small, teensy spoiler for Conflicts of Interest.....


First, I'd like to say that, from the start, I've loved the show.  But,
I've never really had the opportunity to introduce the show to anyone; I'm 
an astrophysics grad student, and we (usually) enjoy anything science
fiction (and rip stuff with no plot, ie Independence Day).

Recently, a friend of mine (an english major) happened by while I was
watching B5, and she really enjoyed the show.  She asked me to show her
some more episodes, so I let her see Messages from Earth, Point of no
Return and Severd Dreams all in a row.  She said the show was an amazing
work, poecy, literary....on and on.  

She just saw Conflicts of Interest, and noted that Garibaldi and his
actions are much like Hamlet was, with the same undetermined motivations,
questions about what the character was truly feeling.  So, you have an
expert that has equated you with Shakespeare.  ;)  

She also really liked the cartoon, both because of it's thematic element
(which is a spoiler, so I'll leave it out), and because it's fun to watch
Daffy get smashed.  :)

Thank you for giving us the opportunity, not only to view such a masterful
work, but to share it with others.  Good luck with S5!


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Your friend is clearly a person of inestimable good taste.

What she's doing hanging out with you is anyone's guess....



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