Any one else disagree with JMS's cuts.

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Adam Queler (queler at wrote:
: I think that a lot of interesting backplot should have been shown on the
: show rather then in other mediums.  The first one that comes to mind
: would be the story of how Sinclair and Garibaldi met.  I know we've seen
: parts of it, but it would have been nice to have seen the shadow
: base/organism.  Also it would have been nice to see the Icarus on
: Z'ha'dum, or at least have it written later by JMS.  I understand there
: wasn't really a point where it could have been brought up, except maybe
: in the prequel.  Oh well.

This is an interesting question for discussion, but to put it in proper
perspective, I think I should remind you of the point JMS has brought up
whenever someone asks this question:

There is a fixed amount of time for each episode, and only a certain
number of episodes per season.  In order to include more of the backplot, he
would have to get rid of something that *did* air.  So if there is something
you wish he had included, you should also say what you wouldn't have minded
him dropping in order to make it work.

There are very few episodes/story lines that were disliked by everyone.  
Invariably, when you decide to get rid of one thing to make room for
another, you will be disappointing those who would have liked to keep that
thing and chuck something else.

Again, I'm not saying its a bad question, (there are certainly some things I
would have preferred to see more of), but we should probably keep this point
in mind while we discuss it.

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Give me another 10 hours per season, and another 10 million dollars, and
I'll be happy to do it.


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