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What can I say... but *WOW*...

Spoilers, oh, yeah....

Whoops, guess the system's busy...

First, the next-week segment.  Yes, that did look like the actor
who would play James Carville movie about the Clinton administration.
Hollywood would never have the guts to cast someone who looked like
the Banjo Kid from Deliverance in the part.

Nice Crossfire/McLaughlin Group type shouting match.  This scene
came off absolutely believable, which is kind of amazing because
this sort of scene is almost never done.  It's sort of a "Truth
is stranger than fiction because fiction has to make sense" 
thing... or in fiction, the writer wants the audience to be able
to understand each word of his deathless prose, and few writers
are willing to have their characters stomp all over each others'
lines like they do in the real world.  Kudos, JMS.

The 100 years from now scene... Yeah, academics trashing Sheridan,
Delenn, and the Alliance.  Of course, in today's world, no American
academics would ever trash Washinton, Jefferson, and Franklin.
Sooo unbelievable.

Yeah, right.  Berzerkley, UC Santa Cruz..... This rang absolutely
true to me.

I really wondered about Delenn's Stare of Disdain, and its apparant
effect on the three.  Their reaction seemed very strong.  To the
point that I wondered if she is, at this point, a telepath.

500 years in the future... I think JMS was maybe just a bit over
the top here... lightning-bolt SS symbol on David's chest,
Newspeakisms like realfact vs. goodfact, and the other nasties.
But it's soooo satisfying to see a really villianous villian
get his megatons of just deserts.  (And he made a most satisfying
thump when he flashed into vapor...)

And this contains a contender for The All-Time Best One-Liner
in All of Babylon 5:   "Whoops, I guess the system's busy."
It's wonderful to see Garibaldi with his marvelously deranged
sense of humor back in full swing, even if he is a hologram
here.  Followed immediately by his touching farewell just before


1000 years in the future... I wasn't quite sure what to make
of this at first.  I wonder why the Rangers have left Earth
to its own devices for 500 years.  If they have.  Seems like
they may have been doing little nudges for a long time.

Another good line here, about faith and reason being your two
shoes.  You get places faster wearing both of them.

I guess a lot of people were depressed by this.  Well, Earth isn't
all the humans there are.  There's Mars, Proxima 3, and bunches of
other colonies, some of whom may be the ones who launched the Great
Burn.  I gather that the Rangers may be working on guiding the
redevelopment of Earth so as to not get a repeat of the jolly folks
who brought us Mr. David "SS" Goodthink.

(I wonder if the Rangers rehabilitating Earth is the spinoff
series that JMS has hinted at?)

One Million Years to Earth:  Wow.  Who was this actor?  This looks
like it would be really tough to pull off sucessfully, but he did
a marvelous job of it.  And.... Lorien Lightball?  Vorlon-style
encounter suit?  WOW!  

Good stuff.  Another episode that provides enough closure that
it could have been a satisfying enough end for the show.  (But
I'm still waiting for the fifth season, not to mention 422/522.)

What a show!

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Yeah, a lot of folks have found the eventual "going out" of Sol to be
 depressing...but as was stated 'way back in our VERY FIRST EPISODE, this is
 the one thing we can be sure WILL happen, sooner or later (probably later).  

All the more reason to get off the planet, asap.


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