ATTN JMS: Best Books International/B5 scripts?

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Dear moderator:

Having been twice unable to get this post through via conventional means, I
am e-mailing it to you direct.

Hope this method proves more successful!

ATTN JMS: Best Books International/B5 scripts?

While attending the Frankfurt Book Fair, I ran into a publisher
that was promoting the fact that they'll soon be offering 
Babylon 5 scripts for sale.

Evidently, this is a new development since none of
their literature including information on B5, but
for what it's worth, the name of the company is
Hollywood Scripts, and imprint of Best Books
International and distributed by Players Press of
Studio City, California.

I'd never heard of this book publisher/distributor
before passing their stand at Frankfurt.  Are you
aware of them?  Is their offer of B5 scripts for sale
strictly legitimate? Were B5 fans to buy scripts
from them, should they be reasonably confident that
the appropriate writers/proprietors are getting their
due?  Or is this more akin to the guys who peddle
screenplays on the streets of Manhattan?

Hope you can shed some light on these folk.

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No, no scripts can be sold except the "The Coming of Shadows," and only in my
 writing book, and the edition from Boxtree, that's it, anything else is


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