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     just got done watching ST-Voyager and guess what.....they 
     found continuity. not only that but the writing seems to be 
     a bit better(actually the plot lines are better) now I know 
     you have said that the writers are not at fault.... the show 
     has to be written according to the corporate line on the 
     franchise that Paramount has set forth. but you must be 
     snickering just a little bit. I mean you won a Hugo and B5 
     is hot in the UK so i figure the suits at Paramount must be 
     noticing just a little. this goes back to my previous e-mail 
     about how you saved science fiction for television. I can 
     only imagine the suits having a meeting with the writers 
     saying make the show more like B5......what a Malox moment. 
     what sucks is that KPWB-Sacramento will show the last 4 eps 
     of season 4 at 2:00am. as always thanks for the great 
     entertainment. thanks for improving the other science 
     fiction shows. quality never goes out of style. and I'm 
     sorry to see the flamers out there still beat on your show. 
     these people always remind me of the saying of better to 
     light a candle then curse the darkness.    

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That's good to know.

It's worth noting that I know a number of writers who have been, and in some
 cases are, associated with ST in one incarnation or another (and some of the
 cast), and they have been more than content to have us letting people know
 that the problem is the studio's limitations, not the potential writing, that
 has been the I'm glad that the studio may be loosening the reins
 a little, possibly due to fan pressure, to let the writers do what they want.


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