ATTN JMS: Are *THESE* lisenced?

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From: sharkie at (Amy Kolson)
Date: 6 Sep 1997 23:42:09 -0400
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I was reading your list (and the Fan club list)
on what is available lisenced merchandise, and I didn't see the 
following included.

I was at an SF bookstore and I bought a set of six....
refrigerator magnets.  Now, they were very *nice* refrigerator
magnets, and on the side they had the WB trademark sign.
I also bought a B5 journal (blank, lined pages, shrink-
wrapped one of those fancy tassled bookmarks).  On the back
it had the WB logo and said WB Worldwide Publishing.

Both the above items are were made by Antioch Publishing.

They certainly *looked* lisenced..they had all the proper
bells and whistles.

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From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
Date: 7 Sep 1997 22:35:00 -0400
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Yes,  the fridge magnets from Antioch are licensed; these guys do some of
the best licensed work around.

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