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Recently, my husband and I noticed a striking similarity between the
main women in "B5."  

Mira Furlan as Delenn is physically striking, not conventionally
attractive, but gorgeous....has mesmerizing eyes....and Delenn can kick
Sheridan's butt in _any_ argument.  Claudia Christian as Ivanova was
quite forthright, aggressive yet feminine, and had striking eyes, and
was definitely a formidable match in any tussle, intellectual or
otherwise (i.e. "Ivanova is God," "Trust Ivanova," and "God sent
me")....Pat Tallman as Lyta has very large, striking eyes, and Lyta
could probably zap anyone's brain during any argument....Tracy Scoggins
as Lochley (I think she's very underrated -- her acting is just as
subtle and understated as "Franklin,"  and even Michael O'Hare in the
1st season -- people will probably recognize the subtlety of her acting 
job after the series is over) has very gorgeous large eyes (especially
in the season 5 opening credits just as her name is announced) and she
and Sheridan had "arguments that could peel the paint off the walls"
(not to mention her and Garibaldi!)....Not to mention Julia Nickson as
"Catherine Sakai," surely one of the most unconventional, striking,
flat-out compelling women on any sf tv series....and you've mentioned
you actually like writing strong-willed, strong-minded female characters
who can just flat-out beat the male characters during intellectual
rumbles -- and the men grin and kinda _like_ it....

So.  My point (and I do have one):  jms often writes parts for female
characters who are 1) heroic 2) not conventionally "beautiful" but
rather beautiful based on their personalities and unconventionality 3)
kick-ass intellectual, not afraid to stand up for themselves 4) aren't
afraid to clobber the men in their lives during arguments 5) and who
have rather large, exotic eyes....

HMMMM, so what does Kathryn Drennan look like, anyhow?

Just wanted to tell you -- thank you for creating all those strong,
independent, smart female characters, especially in the realm of Ess Eff
Tee Vee where "strong" women are all too often squeezed into catsuits
(cf. Jeri Ryan as "Seven of Nine"....) and their IQs are measured only
after their breast-hip-waist-thigh-etc. figures....

Moira Russell

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In most ways, I think Kathryn does fit that description.


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