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Without giving anything away, have you noticed the actors bringing an extra
dimension to their roles for season 5?  I ask this since you've said in the
past that up to season 4, you only gave the actors general information about
where their characters were heading.  Once they filmed Sleeping In Light, I'm
assuming at least some of their character's histories were revealed.

For instance you've pretty much told us that we find out the fate of Sheridan
in SIL.  So did you notice Bruce taking a different approach to the role this

Of course the silent comment I'm making above is that I have noticed some
differences.  This is especially true of Bruce, but it's hard to pin it down to
Sheridan becoming president, which is something you've written or a somberness
from the actor since he now knows where it all's headed.


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Date: 28 Aug 1998 09:21:57 -0600
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I think it did add a small note of somberness and foreshadowing to the S5
performances of a few cast members, which is why I had previously avoided
letting them know too much, to avoid the trap of having them play the result
instead of the process.  It happens.


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