Sifl and Olly: Hilarity and riot...

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Sun Aug 30 06:07:09 EDT 1998

From: pokrface at (Lee Hutchinson)
Date: 29 Aug 1998 16:14:06 -0600
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Oh my sweet lord...I caught an episode of Sifl and Olly on MTV, and, 
remembering jms' recomendation, sat through it...I ended up in tears.  I 
just lost's the funniest thing in recent memory...thanks for the 
heads-up, Joe!

Lee Hutchinson
pokrface at
"It's a hundred and six miles to Chicago; we got a full tank of gas,
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"Hit it."

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From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
Date: 30 Aug 1998 03:08:32 -0600
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It's a terrific show...sock puppets but one of the funnier programs around. 
Folks, it's on MTV, usually around 12:30 pacific, 9:30 eastern, and definitely
worth a look.


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