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I started thinking about it, and I have come to realize that my cat
(Pouncer) is a Vorlon.  Just look at the evidence:

* Nobody fully knows the extent of his powers (How *does* he know when
  we're about to open a can of tuna?).
* He cares about what happens to us, but he has his own adjenda.
* He constantly battles the Shadow (my black cat Mittens).  The battle
  goes on year after year, but neither side ever wins.  After each
  battle, the Shadow goes to sleep.
* He manipulates others to get what he wants.
* He's aways saying things, but nobody ever understands him.
* He has been known to fly through the air.
* He'll attack anything that looks like a spider.
* He has always been here.  (For 18 years anyway).
* He's a First One.

The Vorlon and the Shadow can both be seen on my home page.

Since I've never written to you before, I have to add that I love your
show.  I've just finished re-watching it from the pilot to DoFS, and it
worked very well.  Looking forward to ItB (in the mail now) and season
5, starting here Feb 1.  Great work!  And of course, your time spent
online is *very* much appreciated.

David Arnett <darnett at>
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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