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In article <19980112053929109.AAA222 at bbarrett> on 13 Jan at 03:48:39,
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bsc > 
bsc >  [ Summary: Any news on Shadow or Vorlon ship models? ]
bsc > 
bsc >  #: 14454 S8/Bab 5 Merchandise
bsc >     11-Jan-98  00:34:07
bsc > Sb: #14381-Aganemnon/ Shadow Models
bsc > 
bsc >       There are currently no shadow or vorlon ships licensed to anyone; Revell 
bsc > will likely do them in future, but at this point, anyone out there who sees or 
bsc > hears of any other models, know that they are pirated kits.

Uh, Joe?  

Even these Whitestar models which, by all accounts, are rather nice? -> directory -> spaceship -> Anubis
(sorry, but the site is CGI, so a direct link won't work - I tried!)

Shows a picture of a Whitestar, captioned:

	anuws01 - Advanced Technology Cruiser 
       The Advanced Technology Cruiser is based
       on the CGI model used in the hit TV series
       BABYLON 5. Includes a detailed painting
       diagram. Authorized by Foundation Imaging.
        	1/650 Scale, Resin 
        List Price: $200.00, Our Price: $186.00 

I take it there's a difference between "license" and "authorize"?

"Who loves models and wants'em soonest, but at $200..."

ps.  Its a blast going back through the series catching all the

From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
Date: 15 Jan 1998 07:39:10 -0700
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Foundation Imaging does not have the authority to license or authorize anything
of this nature.


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