ATT: JMS: Frustrated Fan Asks Merchandising Question

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Wed Jun 10 06:15:10 EDT 1998

From: "Laura M. Appelbaum" <l-appelbaum at>
Date: 8 Jun 1998 15:54:26 -0600
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Hi jms!

Okay, I've been stewing on this one all weekend, so I've decided to
"confront" you with it directly <G> -- I was just at the Emporium
checking out (and buying ...) some of the latest B5 merch and couldn't
help but notice there's a new t-shirt with the famous phrase from the
First Season "It was the Dawn of the Third Age of Mankind" on it, along
with a picture of ..... SHERIDAN!? 

What the heck is the REASON why there isn't a SINGLE PIECE of B5 merch.
with Sinclair in/on it, including something like this where he so
obviously belongs?  I KNOW I'm not the only fan wondering about this,
since friends have even brought it up to me; I mean, no t-shirts, no
action figures, no stand-ups, whatever?  One might well say he's become
conspicuous in his absence. What gives?


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Date: 10 Jun 1998 00:08:03 -0600
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Good point.  We should fix that.


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