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Hi jms!

While watching "By Any Means" tonight, with all those conversations
between Sinclair and Senator Hidoshi, it suddenly occurred to me to
wonder how those kind of scenes are filmed.  Neither Alan nor I could
recall anyone asking this/having you answer this before.  

Does the actor we are "in the room with" have to pace himself around a
previously filmed image of the actor who is "on the line" or is the
other actor being filmed simultaneously on another set and being shown
on closed-circuit TV on the "computer screen" in the room we're in, so
that at least one of the two can respond to the visual and verbal cues
the other gives?  And has whatever method you use been done consistently
thruout the series, and is this the way it's generally done in the


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Sometimes the video is done in advance, but most often on the show the person
is within earshot, on a partial set, so they can interact live with the actor.


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