ATTN JMS - Where do we send the gifts?

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From: jhk1 at (Jonathan Howard Krivitzky)
Date: 12 Mar 1998 17:10:09 -0700
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Alright.... the series is close to completion and regardless of how some may
feel of the recent episodes, no one here can deny the remarkable achievement by
JMS and his cast and crew.  Only JMS has been online enough to see how much
praise he's received for five years, and that was diluted by a ton of criticism
and grief throughout.  I want everyone to know what a great job they've done.
What to do?

JMS, if you would, please give me (us) an address to which we can send 
something nice.  A letter, a gift, a cake, flowers, etc.  In a few weeks, I 
think it would be the right time to show our appreciation first hand for the 
amazing work you and your friends have done for us.  You'll still all be in 
one place, and it should be something you all share.  I think that we often 
forget that B5 is NOT a one man show.  Everyone should hear (or feel) how 
much we loved what they've accomplished.

After the grief you've put up with from nitpickers, honest critics, jealous
execs, clueless suits, vindictive newspeople, ignorant fans, and folks with the
parrots up their asses.... it's time for you and your own to be shown something

To the rest of you... when this address comes in, we'll talk.

Jon Krivitzky
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Date: 14 Mar 1998 00:12:35 -0700
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No presents necessary; we got to tell our story, our way...what greater present
can anyone get than that?


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