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From: Will Orr <worrpax at>
Date: 12 May 1998 16:35:25 -0600
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Something I've heard ever since I've started trying to
sell scripts to Hollywood: whether you have to be in the
Los Angeles area or not in order to get your wares seen.
I know that if I were a drummer from the Old West, I
would have to come out to El Lay so people can see what
I'm selling.  Since scripts (screenplays or teleplays)
can be mailed or faxed or whatever, is it absolutely
*necessary* for people to come to Los Angeles or is it
strictly a subjective thing?


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Date: 12 May 1998 18:01:22 -0600
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For TV you have to live in LA; for films, you can go in and out.


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