ATTN JMS: Questions about Crusade Casting

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Wed May 13 19:21:46 EDT 1998

Diane K De wrote in message
>When did JMS say THAT?  To my knowledge he has never said such a thing.
>does this stuff come from.
>>said, could someone please tell me if Jason Cartier's Departure from the
>>show was on good terms.  If so, is he willing to do (or has he done if Ne1
>>knows) Guest appearences on B5 or Crusade.

I spent two days with Jason at the Pittsburgh Comicon. (Time with him is a
real experience) ;)  He always corrects people when they say his character
is dead.  Marcus gave his life-force for Ivanova and was subsequently frozen
in Medlab.

I don't think he's too happy about it, but he seems to understand that's the
way things were going to be.  He did joke about how in the future, JMS is
going to let everyone go and play every part in the Babylon 5 series

Funny guy, he said that his two sons in England are big Star Trek fans.  I
don't think that he's kept up with the show since he's left, but if Marcus
ever returns I don't he would have either.

Bob Barker

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