Intersections - Is there truth?

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OK, so I am watching B5 for the first time through and hope I don't bore
those of you who have seen in and discussed it before.  "Intersections in
real time" made me crazy - which was its point after all.  Having read some
spoilers, I was waiting for the Calvary to come in and save the day by the
end of the episode.  Couldn't believe we ended the episode no further along
in the "arc" then we started.  :-)  And then they run a basketball game the
next night!! (Is this a moment for "wham! wham! wham!"?)

So.... since JMS is trying to get us to think about truth, I am curious if
people came away from this episode more convinced that a person can know
truth and hold on to it or if it is all subjective?  Are we so tainted by
our own perspective and our limitations that we can not fully get the truth
but only see small parts of it?  I rooted for Sheridan to hold onto his
understanding of the truth and not allow the interrogator to twist the
truth around.  But I sort of believe that the "whole truth" is complex and
can be seen by many perspectives.  Darn, that interrogator was persuasive
in his logic even if your gut screamed out in conflict.  

So, how do we know when we know "the truth" and how do we know when our
perspective is limited or distorted?  What are the clues?  

Does JMS have a specific point he is making about "truth" in this episode,
or just trying to get the viewers brains to engage?

Any takers for a little serious discussion while we are waiting for more
episodes to appear?  Still a couple of weeks to go till Season 5


PS  I am resisting the urge to put in theological reflection until I see
what develops from here...

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One way or another, it's always about truth.


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