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Mon May 11 04:42:22 EDT 1998

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>> To make the experience of viewing TNT programming
>>less painful for your fans, have you considered writing some
>>storylines for TNT Monday Nitro?  TKO was considered a less-
>>successful episode -- could you "redeem" yourself here?
>>The wrestler Sting appears to be a Crow knock-off.  Are you open to the
>>possibility of professional wrestlers dressing as Narns or Minbari?
>>How about the Nitro Fly Girls dressed as Centauri slaves?  I think
>>someone wrestling in a Vorlon encounter suit would be interesting.
>So...have the drugs worn off, or are they just kicking in...?

Whatever, the Narn Chapter of the Betty Ford Recovery Center stands
ready to help in his detoxification.  

Only they use the Wood, not Gold, Cure to drive out the toxins...
*Begin Subliminal Message*
*You will use only virgin paper.
*You will find uses for whale blubber.
*You will drive large, gas-guzzling cars.
*You will never, ever, recycle.
*End Subliminal Message*

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