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Hello Mr. S -

1st - Thanks for a great series! (except this style of storytelling has
ruined just about
anything else I watch - I love the long, drawn out, cohesive story)

2nd - So it seems that Image Entertainment has decisively decided not to
any of the B5 Lasers in the Widescreen Format.  Now, if from what I've
read is correct,
you said at one point that with the exception of the Pilot "The
Gathering" that the entire
series was produced in WideScreen.  Yet I see the following paragraph
out of Image
Entertainment's PR Department -

        "We have exhausted every avenue possible looking to get 16 X 9
          transfers of some of these shows. They just don^Òt exist in
          America. Getting them elsewhere is an impossiblity; trust me.
          We^Òve even spoken to the show^Òs producers in an effort to
leave no
          master unturned, no D-2 unviewed. "

Say it ain't so Joe!  Where is the breakdown in communication?  Should
we ever hope
to see Widescreen versions?  If you're interested, here is the URL where
you can find
the complete text of the release.  It is interesting, becuase it also
mentions how they've
gotten more mail and calls from people looking for B5 in Widescreen.

I thank you for your time.  Have a great day!


Craig Wiernik       Boston, MA

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Date: 17 Nov 1998 15:18:48 -0700
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The series is available on widescreen; in PAL format for overseas.  It would
apparently cost WB about $1500 per ep to convert to NTSC, and they don't want
to spend the money.  Absent that, the Image release will be the best release in
the best form currently available, and I commend it highly.


(jmsatb5 at
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