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1) For those who haven't heard, there are new Sifl and Ollie installments now
airing on MTV at 8:00 p.m. East and West Coast times.  If you thought sock
puppets couldn't have their own talk show, well, you're just wrong, that's all.
 It's a wonderful, funny, utterly demented program.  Give it a shot.

2) Stephen Furst asked me to mention that a huge portion of the B5 cast who
attended VorCon here were stiffed for the bulk of their fees.  Michael O'Hare,
Peter Jurasik, Mira, Bill, Pat, Jeffrey and others were never paid what they
were promised.

That the cast nonetheless came out and peformed and did their all for the fans
in spite of this says a lot for them, I think.


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