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        Final Reckoning

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Date: 21 Oct 1999 10:41:01 -0700
From: Bob Ingria <70373.1164 at>
To: John Bendel <73447.741 at>
Subject: Final Reckoning
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I wonder how many people would have believed him unless he allowed
himself to be scanned. And then, no one would believe a teep anyway.

I believe that teep's (everybody's?) DNA is on file, so a DNA test
could have been done to confirm the claim.  Not that Bester would have
wanted this, of course; he was quite happy with the irony.

(Incidentally, I wonder if this is a plot gap.  Given that genetic
information about teeps is on file, and given that all teeps were
supposed to register with PsiCorps when Bester was discovered as a
foundling, it would be natural for the Corps to do a genetic test on
Bester, and foundlings in general, to see if their bloodline was known.
Otherwise unregistered teeps might slip through PsiCorps' net, either
by accident or design.)

 -30- Bob Ingria As always, at a slight angle to the universe


Date: 23 Oct 1999 16:53:10 -0700
From: J. Michael Straczynski <71016.1644 at>
To: Bob Ingria <70373.1164 at>
Subject: Final Reckoning
Message-ID: <forum.babylon5.72198 at>
References: <forum.babylon5.72164 at>

      Except, of course, that as I recall (and my memory could be off
here), Bester's parents were never part of the Corps, and thus would
not have had their DNA on file there.



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