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> >Then the correct time to register a complaint is BEFORE the
> >votes are in, not *after* an election whose outcome is not desired.
> >Somehow, the ballot was OK and fair until this mess occurred.
> >
> That's because nobody TOLD them that there WAS a problem with 15,000
> ballots being thrown out in '96.  Nobody even KNEW about that little
> because nobody had the power to find out.  Now they do.
> This is the same state, remember, where the mayoral election in Miami was
> thrown out in '93, with the judge in question declaring this one of the
> cases of corruption, voter interference and election fraud he'd ever seen.
> it ain't like there isn't precedent for this.

Joe, this happens *everywhere* - invalid ballots get thrown away, everywhere
in the country.
People mention the '96 situation because it shows that 19,000 invalid
is not unusual for that county.

To be *fair*, this kind of scrutiny ought to be done in EVERY county in the
We're only looking at Florida because of the 25 electoral votes,
and an election in the balance. If it happened in say, South Dakota,
Jesse Jackson wouldn't be screaming for justice to be done for the
invalidation of someone's vote. Nobody, not the Democrats or the Republicans
would be crying over the injustice of a vote not being counted.
And trust me, this kind of "problem" is not unique to Palm County FL.

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>Joe, this happens *everywhere* - invalid ballots get thrown away, everywhere
>in the country.
>People mention the '96 situation because it shows that 19,000 invalid
>is not unusual for that county.

But you're not getting to the point of the question.  That figure is higher
than any other county in Florida.  So you have to ask: WHY?  *Why* are they so
much higher there than anywhere else?  


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