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PsicopJeffG at webtv.net (Jeffrey Gustafson) wrote in message news:<22130-3D57E0B6-422 at storefull-2111.public.lawson.webtv.net>...
> Well, it's not a set photo, and thus has absolutely nothing to do with
> your query at all whatsoever, but it *is* a really old (and rare) photo
> of Joe!  He has hair in this one!  It's seems to be from the late 1970's
> or early 1980's, it's hard to tell...
> http://www.code7r.org/inquiz/images/nip15.jpg

I had to do a double take.
I initially thought this was picture of
Sonny Bono. :-)

Dan Dassow

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>I had to do a double take.
>I initially thought this was picture of
>Sonny Bono. :-)

So...I take it you finally got around to making out that will....


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