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Warner Bros. has released a Flash promo for the upcoming S1 set to
dealers.  You'll find it here:


Key highlights:

- All-new digital widescreen transfers. (Enhanced for widescreen TVs)
- Soundtrack remastered in Dolby Digital 5.1
- Introduction and commentary on 2 key episodes by series creator J.
Michael Straczynski
- "BEHIND BABYLON 5" dossier of documentaries:   "THE MAKING OF BABYLON
5" and   "BACK TO BABYLON 5"
- Enter "THE WORLD OF BABYLON 5": Take a station tour and explore the
humans, aliens, political situations, scientific data tech files,
weaponry and hardware of this unique futuristic era.

Contrary to what some DVD retailers have listed, the set is *6* discs,
not 5.   The episodes are listed in the original broadcast order - which
in this case is an advantage, because it puts both halves of "A Voice in
the Wilderness" on the same disc.  Using the TLG "Master List" would
have split the episode between two discs.  (Unless they did something
cute like putting three episodes on the "AVitW" disc and the final disc
of the set.)

Sounds very cool, and the marketing plan seems solid. (Although I'm
still hoping for some TV ads, at least on Sci-Fi during the reruns and
when they air three of the TV movies next month.)

I wonder if JMS can provide any further details, now that this official
spec sheet is out? <g>



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>I wonder if JMS can provide any further details, now that this official
>spec sheet is out? <g>

The disk has an on-camera introduction by me (despite my warnings that this
would undoubtedly drive down sales), a letter of introduction each by me and
Doug Netter, and the half-hour piece features new interviews with Rick Biggs,
Stephen Furst, me, Doug, efx maven Mitch Suskin, makeup whiz John Vulich, and

They're tentatively targeting next April for season 2, and the following
November for season 3.


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