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my buddy thinks he saw you at golden age today (wed).
did he?


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Date: 16 Jan 2003 19:39:30 GMT
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>my buddy thinks he saw you at golden age today (wed).
>did he?

Yup.  I went in to pick up some copies of the Midnight Nation graphic novel,
which hit stores that day, and they asked me to sign what was left.  

Read the thing over last night, and I'm really very, very proud of it.  I've
never previously read it straight through like that.  One interesting thing,
when I picked up the book, I hadn't known they were goin to omit the front
covers in between issues...meaning, usually you hit the end of issue one,
there's a cover/title page for issue two, so you know there's a transition. 
Here, they ran it straight together, with the cover pages as a bonus at the

When I saw this, my heart skipped a beat for a second, because I wasn't sure if
it would play that way, if the jump from one issue to the next without any kind
of warning would look jarring or confusing. So I went through the whole book,
page by page, issue by issue, and sonuvagun, it all lines up fine even without
the transitional pages.  I was actually kind of surprised, because even though
they were written as an ongoing series, they weren't *intended* to go up
against one another that tightly.  

So yeah, I was there, and yeah, I am most pleased.


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